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  • Baby Feeding Set - Cute Squirrel Plate Bundle


    MunchyTime Feeding Sets for Baby Weaning or Toddlers

    Make baby led weaning effortless with MunchyTime's Silicone Feeding Set, your all-in-one solution for introducing solids.

    This set is designed with food-grade silicone for safety and ease, featuring BPA, PCV, and lead-free materials. Enjoy stress-free cleanups with dishwasher-safe bibs, plates, and utensils, plus microwave-safe bowls for fewer dishes.

    Available in adorable, kid-friendly colors, it reduces mess and enhances mealtime fun.

    Ideal as a thoughtful gift for baby showers or as essentials for starting solids, MunchyTime's set supports both parents and toddlers through the weaning journey.


    Designed especially for this essentially messy time and to encourage all the benefits of baby led weaning, this Four Pack Silicone Feeding Set with Cute Squirrel Suction Plate contains:

    1x Silicone Bib
    MunchyTime Silicone Bibs are specially designed with a double silicone backing to catch foods and spillage mess, saving food, reducing waste and stopping mess before it hits the floor (or clothing). 

    Not only are these bibs waterproof and easy to clean, they are also bacteria resistant which is important in such a high use product involving food and babies.

    With the clever addition of a one size fits all adjustable collar that comfortably fits around your baby’s neck (no more annoying ties & strings), this durable silicone bib will grow with your baby throughout their baby led weaning journey.

    1x Silicone Suction Plate
    MunchyTime Silicone Suction Plate is untippable and unflippable keeping your baby's food on the table where they need it and not on the floor.

    The unique raised edge, easy feeding design of these bowls makes it easy for parents to scoop baby food onto the spoon and has also been designed to support faster learning for self feeding.

    1x Silicone Spoon & 1x Silicone Fork
    Like all MunchyTime products, the spoon in this set is made from 100% food grade silicone that's strong, long lasting, non-toxic & non-porous as well as being bacteria resistant, hygienic, & safe for your kids, especially teething babies.