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100% Healthy, Nutrient-Dense, and Allergy-Friendly Motherhood Support Products. Postpartum Nutrition Professional Formulated & Approved.

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Led by Certified Postpartum Nutrition Professional Kelly Northey, the Yummy Mummy Food Company's mission is to transform the motherhood journey one bite at a time, empowering mothers through a range of nourishing products, including lactation cookies, healthy snacks and nourishing beverages alongside our world first Make More Milk Method program addressing nutrient depletion—a common cause of low milk supply. 


We prioritize health, crafting our products with the highest percentage of natural ingredients. As pioneers in the healthy snack and lactation product arena, we offer trusted solutions with real health benefits. 

We're dedicated to transforming the breastfeeding journey, providing step-by-step support and a supportive Motherhood Village Community

Our mission extends beyond snacks; we aim to redefine the postpartum experience, reducing issues like depletion, low milk supply, exhaustion and mood disorders.
Join us in embracing a holistic approach to motherhood, nourishing the body, mind, and spirit.

Explore our extensive range of vegan, allergy friendly & nourishing lactation/postpartum foods, teas & beverages.

Our products are Postpartum Nutrition Professional formulated to support both you and your baby throughout your motherhood journey.


Welcome to the Yummy Mummy Food Company
Your Ultimate Hub for Nourishing Lactation Cookies and Postpartum Wellness!

Embark on the exciting journey of motherhood with our carefully curated range of lactation cookies, beverages, teas, and other wholesome snacks, all designed to support breastfeeding mums and their families. At Yummy Mummy Food Co, we understand that the path to motherhood is unique and not always as smooth as we imagine. Mothers often face challenges like morning sickness, decreased milk supply, weakened immune systems, or allergies – both for themselves and their babies.


Our commitment to transforming your health during this crucial time is unwavering. That's why our products boast the highest percentage of natural or organic ingredients, gently processed to retain their nutritional goodness. We're passionate about helping families live a naturally healthy life and increasing overall wellness.


Yummy Mummy Food Company stands as a pioneer in the healthy snack and lactation product arena. We offer a tried, tested, and trusted range with real health benefits, and now also home to The Make More Milk Method—a revolutionary, world-first 12-week breastfeeding support program designed by Certified Postpartum Nutrition Professional, Kelly Northey.


The Make More Milk Method is your step-by-step pathway to overcome nutrient depletion, a common cause of low milk supply. With Kelly's guidance, you'll receive nutritional and nurturing strategies not only to boost milk supply but also to bid farewell to challenges like brain fog, exhaustion, and poor sleep. Be the best version of your mum-self for your child, your family, and your community.

The Postpartum Essentials Series

By Kelly Northey, CPPNP (Certified Postpartum Nutrition Professional)

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