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  • Create Your Own Mobile Baby Feeding Station

    Create Your Own Mobile Baby Feeding Station

    I have to say, one of the things I never really anticipated after having my baby (no matter how you choose to feeding them - breastfeeding or formula) was just how long you spend in that first year sitting, stuck under a baby feeding. Often too, needing a drink or something to eat yourself or staring at the wall or watching a TV show with the remote out of reach!
    So when I saw this brilliant idea from @thepostpartumnutritionist about creating a Late Night Feeding Basket I HAD to share it! 


    It's DEFINITELY one of those things that setting up BEFORE bubs arrives for yourself should be as high on the priority list as packing your hospital bag and I know I wish I'd even thought to do such a thing.

    So many of you commented and gave such great ideas of the types of things you include in your Feeding Baskets and one of our lovely mums Jonne even sent in her brilliant idea that turns one of these simple 3 tiered kitchen trolleys (that you can purchase from places like Ikea) into an easily portable Feeding Station that can be moved around from room to room with you, wherever you are feeding your bub!

    Jonne has kindly shared photos of what she includes on her Feeding Station and I've also collated all the responses from everyone else too and felt it worthwhile creating this post to share them all with you it can inspire you to go setup your own!

    Some items you might like to include could be:

    • Breastpump
    • Spare breastpads
    • Bottles
    • Formula (and utensils for getting a bottle ready if you're formula feeding)
    • Snacks for yourself (perfect place to keep a packet of our Feeding Cookies handy or other healthy snacks!)
    • Bottle of water
    • Tissue box
    • Baby wipes
    • Small bin
    • Hand sanitiser
    • Spare dummies
    • Baby burb cloths & bibs
    • A couple of nappies
    • Small tub of your baby moisturiser, esp if you have an eczema baby, popping some on straight after each feed is an easy way to do it regularly and they associate it with the positive, relaxing time of feeding.

    Jonne also keeps this small toiletry bag on her station that contains:

    • Thermometer
    • Nasal aspirator
    • Saline spray
    • Hairbrush
    • Nail clippers
    • Panadol (for herself because she suffer from headaches, but handy to have on hand for anyone too)

    The other great idea Jonne had was attaching a bag to one side of the trolley where she keeps a whole bunch of baby toys too, so you can easily just grab one for them during a feed or straight after. I would have used this too, to keep my bub's comforter blanket always handy. Nothing worth than having a full-bellied sleepy bub looking for their blankie that you wake up while you get up to go look for it!

    THANKYOU so much to everyone for all your great suggestions and especially to Jonne for this great idea and photos. 
    I look forward to seeing any pics or hearing what you include in your Feeding Stations!