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  • Breastfeeding Pump Performance Anxiety!

    Breastfeeding Pump Performance Anxiety!

    Do you struggle to express even the smallest amounts when pumping, yet your bub seems to be receiving enough milk when they feed?
    Well you're NOT alone - I overwhelmingly hear about this happening and it was DEFINITELY the case for me too whenever I tried to pump (a lot!!) - pump performance anxiety IS a very real thing!!

    So, when earlier today when I saw the most amazingly simple idea over at  Milk and Motherhood I just had to share this as far and wide as I can incase it helps others out there struggling with this now!

    The idea is that you cover the collection bottle part of your breastpump with a sock while pumping and it can take away alot of the stress and worry about 'am I producing enough?', which is what's often the cause behind dwindling supply when pumping.


    Over at Milk and Motherhood, Johanna Sargeant is the clever lactation consultant behind this idea which she discovered herself while pumping and suffering that overwhelming worry and sense of failure that really does get you down when you've pumped for ages for only a few drops.
    Since she's been regularly advising her mums to do this, she's had women who often report more than 2-3 times more milk when they remove themselves mentally from the result of their pumping session! 
    All because the oxytocin release is inhibited by stress, and oxytocin release is required for letdowns.

    I WISH I'd known this ever so simple, but effective 'pumping hack' back when I was trying so hard to get more than a few drops myself and I hope it helps someone else out there.
    Give it a try - what's to lose?!