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Nourish & Flourish - The Ultimate Postpartum & Breastfeeding Nourishment Bundle - SAVE 30% / $65 OFF

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Introducing the Ultimate Postpartum & Breastfeeding Nourishment Bundle: "Nourish & Flourish" + SAVE 30% / $65 OFF!!

Based on the learnings and experience of Yummy Mummy Food Company's founder and Certified Postpartum Nutrition Professional Kelly Northey's revolutionary Make More Milk Method 12 week intensive breastfeeding support program, the Nourish & Flourish Postpartum Nourishment Bundle is designed to let you get started on a one week version of the program so you can begin to experience the revolutionary synergy behind the Make More Milk Method theory. This is provided within the beautifully designed, glossy printed and carefully formulated paperback copy of the "Postpartum Essentials Breastfeeding Nutrition Weekly Meal Plan" and you can track your progress using the complementary "Postpartum Essentials Breastfeeding Nutrition Daily Food & Reflection Journal" while you simultaneously enjoy hand-selected lactation support products from the renowned Yummy Mummy Food Company to further boost your nutrition levels and your milk supply!

This bundle is curated to empower new mothers like you with the tools and nourishment you need for a thriving and successful postpartum and breastfeeding journey .

Unlocking the Secrets to Nourishing Your Postpartum Body for Breastfeeding

Step into a new postpartum narrative, one that prioritizes long-lasting well-being over quick fixes. Say goodbye to nutrient depletion and low milk supply concerns of the past.
This transformative 1-week meal plan program dives deep into the universal principles of healing through nutrition, with a focus on:

✨ Replenishing your body with vital nutrients.
✨ Naturally boosting your milk supply.
✨ Kissing exhaustion, brain fog, and restless nights goodbye.
✨ Embracing the beauty of motherhood, one nurturing step at a time.

Embrace a New Era of Postpartum Well-Being

The "Nourish & Flourish" bundle is more than just a collection of products – it's a holistic approach to postpartum wellness.
With the power of Yummy Mummy Food Company's thoughtfully crafted lactation support goodies, including:

1x Copy of 'Postpartum Essentials Breastfeeding Nutrition Weekly Meal Plan' by Kelly Northey (paperback edition)
1x Copy of 'Postpartum Essentials Breastfeeding Nutrition Daily Food & Reflection Journal' by Kelly Northey (paperback edition)
1x Healthy Hot Chocolate (your choice of flavour)
1x New Mama Nourishing Tea
1x Boost Bikkies (choose from Choc Chip or Fennel & Fenugreek)
1x Boost Balls
1x Boost Brew Lactation Tea (your choice of flavour)

You'll have everything you need to complement your journey, giving you a taste for what the more intensive 12 week Make More Milk Method Breastfeeding Success Program is all about.

By combining the wisdom of the Postpartum Essentials meal plan with Yummy Mummy's nourishing offerings, you'll experience a harmonious balance of nutrition, support, and well-being that will empower you to thrive in motherhood.

Join us in this postpartum revolution and embark on a journey of nourishment that will leave you not just surviving, but truly flourishing in motherhood.

Welcome to the "Nourish & Flourish" experience – because every mother deserves to thrive.