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Simply purchase this bundle deal and you'll receive 2x boxes of Boost Bikkie Lactation Cookies and 1x copy of our 'Nutritional Nurturing Guide for Motherhood' eBooklet AND you'll SAVE 15% OFF - PRICE WILL AUTOMATICALLY ADJUST WHEN YOU ADD TO CART

If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll probably already know the value of always having enough milk available. The milk your body produces helps nourish your child, boost their immune system, and keep them connected to you – so it can be extremely frustrating, exhausting and overwhelming when your body doesn’t seem to want to make enough.

The reasons for milk supply dropping can be multitude and you might notice because your baby’s feeding for less time, they’re not putting on weight, softening breasts or that your baby is feeding more often. It’s also common for babies to be quite unsettled if milk supply is low and you might have found yourself up countless times during the night with an upset bub.

If you’ve experienced some of these things or you’re just wanting to ensure you’re eating all the right things to keep your supply flowing, this BUNDLE & SAVE deal is for you!

The 100% natural ingredients in our Boost Bikkies are all reputed to help you increase your milk supply naturally have been helping mums now for years.

Made from our hand picked selection of natural herbs and wholesome ingredients, all researched and naturopathically approved, they’ll provide you with the nourishment you need to move past the struggle that low milk supply has on successful breastfeeding and the often unsettled affect this has on your baby. There’s benefit in every bite of our Feeding Cookies, that help towards promoting healthy lactation for breast feeding mums and you will be able to enjoy the breastfeeding journey with your baby, watching them grow and thrive.

Added to this, our 'Nutritional Nurturing Guide for Motherhood' eBooklet will be delivered straight to your inbox and you'll be armed with all the information needed to:

  • make more milk naturally
  • ensure optimal nutrition for both you AND your baby
  • breastfeed with ease and confidence


Boost Bikkies with Fennel & Fenugreek (10 cookies per 200gm box)
Buckwheat Flour, Coconut Sugar, Oats, Linseed meal, Water, Coconut Oil, Maple Syrup, Citri-Fi, Fennel Seeds, Fennugreek Powder, Salt, Baking Powder.


Boost Bikkies with Choc Chip (10 cookies per 200gm box)
Buckwheat Flour, Coconut Sugar, Oats, Linseed meal, Water, Dark Compound Chocolate (Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Powder, Emulsifier (322), Ethyl Vanillian), Coconut Oil, Maple Syrup, Citri-Fi, Salt, Baking Powder.

* All our cookies contain gluten from oats and while they also don't contain nuts or egg, are baked in facilities that may bake other products containing nuts and dairy, therefore may contain traces of these ingredients

How many cookies are there in a box?
There are 10 cookies per box (200gm box).

How many Lactation Cookies should I have a day to improve my milk supply?
We suggest that if you are having problems with lactation you have three a day for the first few days and then one a day should be sufficient. This should be done in combination with all the other advice your health practitioner has given you such as regular feedings from both breasts and the use of a breast pump.

** If you are concerned about your breast milk supply or your baby’s health, always seek help from a health care provider. Lactation consultants, breastfeeding counsellors, specialist nurses like child health nurses or doctors can also help with any breastfeeding questions or concerns you may have. The Australian Breastfeeding Association is also a great resource for information and support.