Yummy Mummy Food Company milk boosting Lactation Food & Beverage range will help you move past your current state of exhaustion and frustration from having an unsettled baby who might not be getting enough milk at each feed, towards healthier lactation for both you and your baby.

Our 100% natural range is:

You can rest assured there will be no nasty side effects to either yourself or your baby from allergies or intolerances. 

Our beverages are easy to make up hot or cold and have on hand wherever you and your baby need to be to keep milk supply strong and be able to breastfeed with confidence.

There’s no going back once you’ve tried our feeding products, they provide a convenient and natural means to help boost your milk supply and ensure you and your baby are receiving all the nourishment you need for you both to establish & enjoy breastfeeding.

What have you got to lose, grab some today to try!