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  • World Breastfeeding Week Story | Catherine Cervasio | Aromababy

    World Breastfeeding Week Story |  Catherine Cervasio | Aromababy

    My breastfeeding experiences were not without challenges however both were overwhelmingly positive and I worked Aromababy around my babies’ needs.

    My first-born took almost three months to attach well and because I simply didn’t know any better, I persevered. He was not a very settled baby so breastfeeds during the night were common (and exhausting) nonetheless I breastfed Beau for 9 months and he seemed to be happy enough to stop when he did.

    My second son Jacob was not so eager to give up his special time with Mummy – I breastfed him for two years. I had a six year gap between boys and I recall it feeling like I was doing everything for the very first time, again. It didn’t’ take quite as long to establish a comfortable breastfeeding routine this time around however it still was not a match made in heaven. I remember taking Jacob into the office (our business was now thriving) at only six days old. He slept, fed, played and fed until it was time to go home. He was a much more settled baby and loved the boob. And I loved breastfeeding him.

    As he got older, I recall having to travel to South Korea on business for four days. I would express painfully in the hotel basin a few times each day, trying to both get some relief as well as hoping to keep my milk supply up. Jacob was fourteen months old at the time. I didn’t think I would be able to resume feeding him after four days away but I can tell you, when I arrived home the first thing I did was take that beautiful baby of mine and shut myself away in my bedroom to breastfeed for an hour. I really missed the closeness with him. He too eventually lost interest when he was two years old. I remember crying at the thought of not breastfeeding again. It was such a special time of bonding. Jacob asked for ‘milk from mumma’ a few more times, pointing at my chest to which I replied, ‘there is nothing in there any more’ and proceeded to give him a cup! Breastfeeding – for me it was one of the most magical things about motherhood…


    Catherine is the owner and founder of Aromababy who back in 1994 was the first brand to combine the use of natural and organic ingredients with neonatal research to create their beautiful baby skincare range.
    Since then Catherine has become a well known leader in her field and Aromababy products have been used with much success in a number of select hospitals and/or mother and baby facilities in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and parts of Asia. Visit our Hospitals page to read more. Aromababy was also included as a reference source in the prestigious Journal of Midwifery, UK and recently in the Midwives Journal UK.