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  • World Breastfeeding Week Story | Michelle Kuramochi | Cheeky Chompers

    World Breastfeeding Week Story | Michelle Kuramochi | Cheeky Chompers

    Before I had kids I thought breastfeeding was something everyone could and would do.I was genuinely shocked when one mum from my ante-natal class said she was not going to breastfeed.It intrigued me as I simply had never thought of a reason why you wouldn’t, or that it was an option not to and also had no idea at the time, that sometimes it just was not possible.

    Pain - I had no idea milk coming in and wearing my nipples in could be such a painful experience. My milk coming in and getting my baby girl to latch onto my flat nipples was hard and felt like someone was stabbing my breast with a knife. I was lucky to have a very stern nurse who would help my baby girl latch on.

    Excess - Once my milk wad established I had to enough to feed an army of bubs. If only I had known about the concept of a wet nurse. I would sit in the bath and literally both breasts would be a fountain of milk. I created our very own 'milk bath'. I would wear breast pads and a towel which would end up soaked. Your body is only supposed to make what it needs, but regulating my over supply for me was a challenge.

    If I had my time again, I would change a few things….and what I would like my message to be, is be present in your breastfeeding. Create a space and a ritual around it. I think I spent too much time on my phone while breastfeeding or distracted by the TV. My wish for you is that you create a routine and have that sacred space with feeding. obviously feeding on the run, and feeding on demand may not allow for this, but creating that bubble for one or two feeds will be a memory that will make you smile in 10 years time.

    Give your baby a sensory toy to hold while feeding and then to keep with them during sleep time. A Comfortchew by Cheeky Chompers which allows little hands to fidget with the silky tags and then snuggle into when sleepy.


    Michelle is the owner of Cheeky Chompers the home of the worlds first chewy dribble bib, the Neckerchew. Since its launch in 2013 our product range has expanded to include a variety of teething aids, blankets and comforters, including Comfortchew, Chewy and the Cheeky Blanket.