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  • Power Pumping: how to help increase breastmilk supply by power pumping

    Power Pumping: how to help increase breastmilk supply by power pumping

    While we all long for a quick fix when it comes to increasing milk supply, that one magical thing that will just start it all working when it isn't or isn't enough, like most things in life this just isn't a reality! Successful breastfeeding and increasing milk supply often requires a multi-faceted approach and if you are feeling you're struggling with supply a Lactation Consultant should always be your first port of call as they're trained to assess all the various aspects that could be impacting.

    What IS Power Pumping?

    One of the techniques that's often suggested to try though is 'Power Pumping'. We know all mums are already super mums, but what exactly IS 'Power Pumping' I hear so many of you ask....

    The theory behind power pumping (AKA 'cluster pumping') it is to replicate using a breast pump what happens when babies cluster feed, which often do for various reasons - could be they're having a growth spurt, needing some extra antibiotics to fight off sickness or infection and when they do it, it helps create the boost in your milk supply that they're needing.

    How Do I Power Pump?

    How Long Do I Need to Continue the Power Pumping Regime?

    Of course, like everything we are all different and some of us respond quicker than others, however power pumping is commonly continued over a few days to a week or until you're able to notice an increase in supply. Many ladies start by doing one session on the first day and then increasing it to two sessions on the second and subsequent days.

    Tips to Remember for Successful Power Pumping

    • Be extra mindful of keeping your water intake up while power pumping and try to get more than normal in if you can - extra fluids help immensely!
    • Keep good nutrition happening while you're power pumping and ensure you're eating enough of the right nutrient dense foods like healthy lactation cookies to fuel your body at this important time. Click here to learn more about the particular nutrient dense foods that you need to include during breastfeeding.
    • Even if you are pumping and not producing milk, don't give up - it's this extra stimulation that's important even if it feels like it isn't always producing an outcome straight away.
    • Don't forget to massage before, during and after your power pumping sessions.