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  • Healthy Lactation Hot Chocolate - YES, you can have your chocolate AND be healthy too!

    Healthy Lactation Hot Chocolate - YES, you can have your chocolate AND be healthy too!

    What if I told you that you CAN have your chocolate AND be healthy too?!
    Sounds a bit too good to be true doesn't it, but we've done it! We've created a world first HEALTHY Lactation Hot Chocolate!!

    It’s chocolate, BUT it’s healthy.

    It can help breastfeeding mums increase milk supply, BUT it’s great for anyone (adults or kids) needing an energy boost or a choc fix too.

    It’s organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, yeast free and refined sugar free.

    But best of all it's 100% GUILT FREE!!

    We've done a lot of research while developing this very special lactation beverage blend and such a lot of care and attention has gone into preparing the right mix of ingredients to work in unity, gently complementing each other to not only taste great, but provide optimal nutrition to boost breastfeeding mum's milk supply while at the same time providing an array of other benefits to a busy mum's health and also that of the whole family who can enjoy this drink too at the same time!

    Here's just some of the ways our uniquely blended Healthy Lactation Hot Chocolate can help mums and families:

    A Healthy Energy Boost

    Organic Raw Dark Chocolate is a key ingredient in our Healthy Hot Chocolate which is amazingly high in antioxidants and being a natural mood enhancer will give you a boost of energy and also helps promote healthy brain function and overall feelings of wellbeing.
    If you suffer from the dreaded 3pm slump, having a cup of our Healthy Hot Choc will give you the pick-me-up you need to continue on throughout what is often the busiest and most tiring part of the day with babies and children and get you through to bedtime!

    Natural Mood & Stress Management

    Organic Maca is an amazing superfood, that provides calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous amino acids that are essential to the human body functioning at it's best. It has long been reputed to help balance hormones, alleviate depression, anxiety, stress and mood swings. Show me a mum who doesn't need a bit of help to keep these things in check!

    A Boost to Milk Supply

    Organic Millet Flour is actually made from seeds (so is gluten free) and is an also a reputed lactogenic (milk-boosting) food that's been used by mother's for centuries

    However, for those not lactating, it is also a bit of an unsung hero food as it's a great gluten free option that's high in fiber and protein and rich in B vitamins, (especially niacin, B6 and folic acid), phosphorus, manganese (a trace mineral that acts as an antioxidant).

    No Refined Sugars

    Our Healthy Hot Chocolate uses Organic Coconut Sugar to add just the right amount of sweetness so you can enjoy it day in and day out! This unrefined sugar is naturally low on the glycemic index and has a rich mineral profile.

    Multipurpose Use

    The easiest way to enjoy and receive the benefits of our special blend is to simply mix it with hot water (or add your favourite milk or milk substitute) and enjoy as a hot chocolate drink, however it actually can be used in SO many other ways too.

    Simply add it to smoothies, protein balls, shakes or biscuits - the possibilities are endless!

    Click here to grab some for yourself or your whole family now!