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  • What's the difference between our Two Boost Bikkie Lactation Cookies Varieties?

    What's the difference between our Two Boost Bikkie Lactation Cookies Varieties?

    Here at the Yummy Mummy Food Company we now have two delicious varieties available in our Boost Bikkie Lactation Cookies, but the most commonly asked question we receive is ‘what’s the difference between them?’.

    Firstly, it’s probably easier to talk about what both types have in common. They both contain our hand picked selection of natural herbs and wholesome ingredients, all researched and naturopathically approved and formulated into our special recipe to provide you with the nourishment you need to move past the struggle that low milk supply has on successful breastfeeding and the often unsettled affect this has on your baby.

    Both our Lactation Cookies contain a wholesome mix of oats, linseeds, coconut oil, buckwheat flour and cinnamon to help support your breastfeeding journey.

    Oats provide dietary fibre to help relieve constipation, which is very helpful for a lot of pregnant women. It’s a good source of essential vitamins such as thiamine, folic acid, biotin and vitamin e. Oats also have a low glycemic index which means they may help you have longer lasting energy!

    Linseeds (aka Flaxseed) contain omega 3 essential fatty acids which may help prevent excess biochemicals that the body produces under stress, making it great for busy parents.

    Coconut oil is dairy and wheat free. It contains lauric acid which is a medium chain fatty acid. Mothers’ milk also contains lauric acid so how great is that for a lactation cookie! It’s also reputed to be antifungal, antiviral and anti microbial. Another great attribute for a breastfeeding mother and it’s great for your hair and skin as well.

    Buckwheat flour is high in b vitamins, lysine, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc and cooper. It’s also high in fibre. It contains the eight essential amino acids. It’s a rich supply of flavonoids and best of all its gluten free!

    Now, the differences between our Lactation Cookies...

    In addition to all these amazing, 100% natural, preservative free milk boosting ingredients, our Boost Bikkies with Fennel & Fenugreek also contain two key additional ingredients, Fenugreek and Fennel.

    These are both well known galactagogues (lactation promoting ingredients) and have been traditionally used for many years as a herbal remedy to encourage healthy lactation, you’ll love how delicious our cookies make these ingredients taste, so you can easily incorporate them into your daily diet.

    Our Boost Bikkies with Choc Chip like the original ones contain all the same nutritious milk boosting ingredients, but don’t contain Fennel and Fenugreek so their taste is slightly different giving mums the option to change things up a bit to keep the milk flowing. The addition of our highest quality, DAIRY FREE dark choc chips add an extra of taste to these cookies, while still ensuring they remain 100% wheat, dairy, preservative and refined sugar free.

    Every day we receive amazing feedback from mums about both the taste and effectiveness of both our cookie varieties and we’re pleased to now have 2 varieties for you to choose from depending on your taste and to give you more selection to stock up on to keep on hard to keep the milk flowing!

    Click here to add some to your shopping cart today and taste the differences yourself - you won't be disappointed!