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  • How Fennel Can Help Increase Breastmilk

    How Fennel Can Help Increase Breastmilk

    Fennel is one of those herbs that you can’t forget once you’ve experienced it. It has a distinctly licorice-like fragrance that’s popular in many cultures as a food spice, and it comes in the form of small rice-shaped seeds that look beautiful on many dishes. But there’s more to fennel then just flavor! This amazing herb also has a long history of being used help increase the quantity and quality of breast milk in lactating mothers, and we’re going to explore these amazing benefits today.

    The main way that fennel seems to help increase breast milk naturally in mothers is through its reputed estrogenic properties. As the name implies, the chemicals contained in fennel help make positive changes in the hormones which can lead to greater milk production.

    Fennel isn’t alone in having estrogenic properties. Anise, coriander, caraway, dill, and cumin all have this same reputed property in different strengths. While there hasn’t been a great deal of clinical research into why these all natural properties help with breast milk production, there’s a lot of history backing up its use. Many traditional herbal experts and remedies that are centuries old suggest using fennel seeds to help increase milk production and minimize colic on the baby who is drinking that milk.

    In most cases, fennel is taken as an ingredient in a food such as Lactation Cookies, or in herbal Lactation Teas. This way the mother’s body has time to work with the herb before passing it on to the baby. Being able to get the benefits of fennel from snacks like cookies simplifies the whole process of working with herbs. Here at the Yummy Mummy Food Company we carry a special Feeding Cookie that’s made specifically with fennel because of its history of potentially helping mothers provide the best milk for their babies without worrying about running out.

    Fennel is generally regarded as safe and has no known contraindications, but if you have any concerns you should always consult your doctor.

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