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  • The Real Reason Why Some Breastfeeding Mums Struggle to Improve Their Milk Supply

    The Real Reason Why Some Breastfeeding Mums Struggle to Improve Their Milk Supply

    Feeding my baby was the one thing I thought would just come easily and naturally, but what no one told me was that I could have my baby latching perfectly and be doing ALL the right things and it still just would NOT work!

    I tried absolutely everything possible to establish feeding successfully and I mean EVERYTHING from midwives, lactation consultants, doctors, prescriptions and even a very intensive specialized feeding residential support service where we stayed in house for two whole weeks straight that was like 'Breastfeeding Bootcamp'.

    I spent so much time trying different things that either didn’t work at all or only worked a little bit and not enough to satisfy my baby's hunger and then spent just as much time crying uncontrollably because each thing just did not work.
    Not once was the importance of what I ate, in order to help my milk supply ever mentioned, and sadly (I believe because of this missing nutritional link) my supply dwindled down to nothing and at around the 6-8 week mark, for the sake of us both, I had to give up all hope that it was going to just magically appear and we moved to full formula feeding.
    As a first time mum, this felt like a devastating blow!

    So….fast forward about 3 years when I stumbled across lactation cookies and could instantly see the benefits these particular nutrient dense, healthy little cookies could make to mums like myself who struggled to breastfeed.

    This is how The Yummy Mummy Food Company was born and I was the first to sell a premade lactation or breastfeeding cookie to mums in Australia! If I hadn't seen first hand through success stories from mums I'd been helping with Yummy Mummy Food Company products, I almost would have dismissed these magical cookies as being too good to be true BUT I had already seen thousands of mums struggling to breastfeed start to notice improvements in both the quantity and quality of their milk supply when they began using these healthy, nutrient dense products.

    Nutrient Depletion Is Often The Missing Link Behind Low Milk Supply

    These little cookies, packed with nutrient dense ingredients all containing 100% natural & nutritious ingredients that have been reputed to help improve milk supply throughout generations really did seem like the missing link that were helping thousands of breastfeeding mothers, HOWEVER....for some mums the results happened very quickly, whereas for other mums success was slower often taking up to a month for these nutritious ingredient to start to work.

    There was never any real explanation to this until during my studies to become a Certified Postpartum Nutrition Coach I started to put pieces of the puzzle together and began to see how postpartum nutrition & healing to overcome nutrient depletion was at the very core of many postpartum issues, including low milk supply!

    FACT: Postpartum Nutrient Depletion Effects More Than 50% of Mothers

    This is a dreadful statistic and to think that more than 50% of mothers are starting out in what is the most important role of their lives on the back foot so to speak is even sadder and it was this unacceptable fact, that really spurred me on to want to further help my breastfeeding mums by utilizing Maranda Bower's Postpartum Nutrition Plan which was at the core of the Postpartum Nutrition Coaching certification.

    The Postpartum Nutrition Plan is a world-first mum-centric plan that focuses on nourishing with therapeutic functional nutrition that's holistic, evidence-based, and backed by a history of postpartum tradition & knowledge from cultures and women around the world.
    Through it I was able to begin working with those mothers who had exhausted all other support avenues and tried 'all the things' to heal their postpartum bodies at a deep level which then ultimately helped improve their milk supply.

    A Healthy Motherhood Game Changer!

    While it has been wonderful working with mothers one on one to ensure they are deeply nourished (not just with the right foods, but also in how these are prepared and served), the demand for this service has grown and so The Make More Milk Method was born!

    Through the Make More Milk Method I'm now helping many more mothers to overcome their nutrient depletion and the results for these mums not only showed in improvements to their milk, but also in huge improvements to their overall health and wellbeing like less brain fog, fatigue, mood swings, hormonal issues and even better sleep and improvements around issues like postpartum depression and anxiety. These mums are now thriving rather than just surviving and were able to enjoy motherhood more!

    If you would like to learn more about The Make More Milk Method and learn more about how to make more milk naturally, please join our supportive Make More Milk Breastfeeding Support Facebook group by clicking here or alternative to book a FREE Breastfeeding Milk Supply Assessment call with me, where we can talk in more detail about your particular challenges, please click here:

    I look forward to helping you soon!

    Kelly x