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  • Millet - Breastfeeding's Milk Boosting Super Food

    Millet - Breastfeeding's Milk Boosting Super Food

    Millet is a real unsung hero in the world of milk-boosting ingredients, with so many benefits to breastfeeding mums that we had to include it when we formulated BOTH our  Healthy Hot Chocolate range and Boost Latte!

    Why is millet so great for breastfeeding?

    A Breastfeeding Galactagogue Milk Booster

    • Millet has long been reputed as a milk boosting 'galactagogue' food, which means it has been found anecdotally by many women to help increase their milk supply when they regularly include it in their diet.

    Is 100% Gluten Free

    • Despite looking like a cereal grain, millet actually belongs to the Poaceae or grass family and is 100% gluten free! It's also considered an ancient grain, meaning that it's more easily digestible than more modern grains.

    High in Amino Acids

    • Millet provides breastfeeding mums (and therefore babies too) with more essential amino acids than any other cereal/grain and these are the building blocks our cells need to thrive and function well.

    High in Calcium

    • Millet also boasts the highest calcium content of all cereals and grains too and with breastfeeding mothers needing to ensure they receive at least 1300mg of calcium a day to support overall and bone health, including millet regularly makes reaching these optimal calcium levels easier.

    High in Fibre, Protein & B Vitamins

    • Similarly to ensuring adequate calcium intake, it's always important for breastfeeding mums to make sure their fibre, protein and B vitamins are sufficient and Millet also high in all these essential nutrients helps a busy mum tick all these boxes too.

    Why is millet not included in all lactation support products?

    Truthfully, it took us a lot of 'out of the box' thinking and research to discover the benefits of millet ourselves here at the Yummy Mummy Food Company and it's benefits in the western world are not well known like they are in other cultures.
    Here in Australia and other western countries, brewer's yeast is the most common lactation milk booster that's added to products far and wide because it is an inexpensive and easily obtained ingredient. 

    We however feel very strongly that at the delicate time of new motherhood while breastfeeding, that mums and bubs already have enough 'yeasty problems' to contend with and brewer's yeast as well as other yeasts are a common cause of candida for mums and bubs alike. Learn more about this by reading  'Brewer's Yeast - Why Breastfeeding Mums Don't Need More Yeasty Problems' and read one mum's very real and candid experience of dealing with candida while breastfeeding in our 'What It's Really Like' article.

    No one has time or energy for that while establishing breastfeeding (or at all ever!) so we went on the search for yeast free and allergy friendly milk boosting galactagogues and discovered millet where we've since included it in the following products making it easy to have several serves a day to help boost your milk supply and receive the other fantastic health benefits it provides:

    Want To Give Yourself An EXTRA Milk Boosting Millet Boost?!

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) millet porridge is regarded as a healing food throughout the postpartum period as well as one to help aid digestive health.
    It's an easy to make and enjoyable way of consuming extra millet in your diet for a little extra milk boosting benefit at the beginning of each day and whether you're breastfeeding or not millet porridge is so loaded with overall health benefits that help you start your day off on the right foot!

    Watch our video below to see how easy it is to make and give it a go - it makes a delicious start to the day paired with one of our hot Boost Beverages above too.