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World Breastfeeding Week Story | Nadia Parisi | The Nourished Mum

World Breastfeeding Week Story | Nadia Parisi | The Nourished Mum

Posted by Nadia Parisi on 1st Aug 2017

One thing I remember most from my breastfeeding journey was my son's pediatrician ensuring me that nothing lasts forever!
Both of my babies were totally addicted to the boob. He wouldn't take a bottle or dummy, least to say is I was extremely tired not being able to share the feeds. I went to get advice for weening and the Dr said, don't worry, your son will stop when he's ready, in yet to meet a 21 year old who still wants to be breast fed.

I loved breastfeeding both of my children who are now 12 & 7, it came extremely natural to me (besides the night time feeds).

I have applied my breastfeeding memory to almost everything in parenting life. The crying stops, the midnight feeds, the tantrums all come to an end, so make the most of your breastfeeding times. Some days are hard, your nipples will crack & hurt AF, but you will never get this special time back again, so make the most of it & hold them a moment longer!


Nadia is a qualified prenatal massage therapist and yoga teacher who has a keen interest in chinese medicine and acupuncture. You can follow her on Facebook: or Instagram: