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What World Breastfeeding Week Means to Us...

Posted by Kelly Northey on

I saw a quote this week that really resonated with me. It was around the whole ‘breast is best’ versus ‘fed is best’ mantras that are rampant around social media and parenting groups in particular, however this one talked about a different sort of ‘best’ that said it was…

This really struck a chord within me because I will never forget how cheated I felt when I came home with my brand new baby, because nobody - not any of the prenatal classes, midwives, friends or relatives - told me just how hard establishing breastfeeding was! They certainly also failed to mention anything at all about what to do if it just doesn't seem to be working.

I merrily left hospital with my 3 day old who midwives said had the perfect latch and arrived home with a baby who then proceeded to need to feed day and night NON-STOP, while crying and screaming NON-STOP. No amount of feeding continuously would satisfy him, nor could I manage to express anything for anyone else to be able to try and feed him and this was an exhausting, overwhelming process that dragged on for weeks before someone suggested that perhaps he just wasn't getting enough milk!

This is not the ideal way to be starting out on the journey of new motherhood and I remember feeling at a loss for what to do.

And so remembering all that emotional and physical rollercoaster while seeing this amazing quote about what should be considered ‘best’ when it comes to breastfeeding, I really thought what better way to participate in World Breastfeeding Week than to gather a whole bunch of women together and ask them to share their breastfeeding stories online (the only place many struggling mothers have energy to try and find help/solutions), to help demonstrate what normal newborn behaviour and feeding REALLY is, the sorts of struggles others found and how they overcame them.

I hope you’ll agree and gain from hearing all these very different breastfeeding stories that we’ll be publishing throughout the week and share them widely with anyone you know who might be struggling through the new mother rollercoaster ride at the moment!

If these stories help just one other person to feel normal when they maybe weren’t or they help someone towards finding the right help/solution for their particular breastfeeding needs then I’ll consider this small part in promoting World Breastfeeding Week a huge success! 

Click here to read them all now...

~ Kelly x

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