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Chinese New Year 2018 Year of the Dog | Clever Cookie Celebrations!

Chinese New Year 2018 Year of the Dog | Clever Cookie Celebrations!

Posted by Kelly Northey on 14th Feb 2018

Happy Chinese New Year to all our customers!

While we here at Yummy Mummy Food Company are not Chinese, we have a lot of friends and customers who are and love hearing all about this really interesting and joyous time of year that they celebrate.

We're interested too because we're big believers in Traditional Chinese Medicine healing and our Clever Cookies in particular contain ingredients like Gingko Biloba in particular which has been utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine since ancient times as it's reputed to assist memory and increase your body’s circulation, allowing more blood to flow freely to your brain.
Click here to learn more about the benefits of Gingko Biloba to overall health and wellness.

The Gingko Tree is one of the oldest tree specimens in the world which is why it’s often described by botanists as being a living fossil and it’s unique in that it only blooms at night and then sheds it’s flowers immediately. 
The tree also has cultural significance to Chinese people as there are both male and female specimens which represent the sacred concept of Yin and Yang.
This concept of Yin and Yang is an important part of Chinese astrology & philosophy that sees each year labelled with one of 12 Chinese Zodiac animals and the 5 elements (water, wood, fire, earth & metal) that have deep cultural significance to the Chinese people. Each new year is celebrated in line with the beginning of a new Lunar Year that occurs between January and February each year.

This video below is great explanation of some of the Chinese Zodiacs and the significance and impact it has to Chinese people born of these signs:

This year, New Year's Eve is on Thursday, February 15. On that night, it's goodbye to the Year of the Rooster, and a big welcome to the Year of the Dog!Why not add a box now to try alongside your Feeding or Pregnancy Cookies. They're great for the whole family to enjoy!