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about-yummy-mummy-food-company-lactation-products.jpgWhile the journey to motherhood is always an exciting one, it doesn't always play out in the picture-perfect way we imagine for a multitude of reasons. Mums often find themselves struggling with health issues like morning sickness, decreased milk supply, weakened immune systems or allergies (either their own or their babies).
I experienced this myself first hand with morning sickness (actually it was all day and night sickness) starting the moment I fell pregnant. While I anxiously awaited each milestone that promised an end to this sickness, it continued on all the way through, leaving me depleted in every possible way.
This is not the ideal way to be starting out on the journey of new motherhood and left me with some late pregnancy health complications, then a difficult labour that my body wasn't in the best place to cope with physically, followed by a post-natally triggered health condition (Rheumatoid Arthritis) that will now remain with me ongoing and which also meant that as much as I had REALLY wanted breastfeeding to work for us, it just didn't despite how much we tried and I was devastated by this. It was one thing I felt so strongly about and that I believed should 'just work' for us.

During the past 9 years since the arrival of my son, I've researched extensively to find a natural solution to these health issues and have found that food can indeed be medicine. Our family has found the healing benefits that a whole food, nutrient rich, healthy diet can provide to help many health issues including all the above (and more!) which new mums are so prone to. I wish I'd known what I've now learnt BEFORE I became pregnant and it is this wish and personal experiences that has made me passionate about helping mothers live as naturally healthy as they can.
I would love to help many more avoid some of the conditions I've been challenged with and it's how the idea for Yummy Mummy Food Company was born!

all-natural.pngAt Yummy Mummy Food Company we understand how precious health is, especially at such a crucial time of life for young families, so we’ve hand-picked our products to ensure they contain the highest possible percentage of natural or organic ingredients, are gently processed to retain the nutritional properties of these natural ingredients and that they are ethical brands developed from a passion for natural health and solutions to increase wellness.

It’s also important to us that these foods are made available as easily and conveniently as possible because at the best of times, motherhood IS busy, but eating well is especially hard when there’s other wellness struggles involved too.

The Yummy Mummy Food Company range ticks all these boxes and will help both the overall health of you and ultimately your baby, so you can enjoy pregnancy and the benefits to you both from breastfeeding. 

A pioneer in the healthy snack and lactation cookie arena, Yummy Mummy Food Company for more than 7 years has been the tried, tested and trusted product range providing mums and families with real health benefits and we're so proud to have been able to help so many Australian families throughout this time.

allergy-friendly.pngWe're rightly proud provide such a range of natural, allergy-friendly products. We also have a firm belief that our range of lactation and postpartum foods and lactation beverages should be based on the inclusion of well researched ingredients all reputed to help you increase your breastmilk naturally, without relying on the inclusion of Brewer's Yeast which so many others do as this can be the cause of so many other 'yeasty problems' for mums and bubs at this very sensitive time of life.
Click here to learn more about why we don't use Brewer's Yeast and click here to read one mum's very candid experience of suffering from too much yeast and the problems this caused her and her baby.

Breastfeeding & Postpartum Foods & Beverages contain all natural ingredients like fenugreek, fennel, coconut products, linseeds plus more which are reputed to help you increase your breastmilk naturally and help promote healthy lactation for breastfeeding mums

Pregnancy Foods & Beverages also contain all natural ingredients like ginger, various herbs, spices and seeds that may also assist in reducing the effects of morning sickness and many of the other not-so-comfortable effects of pregnancy. These cookies though may also assist anyone pregnant or not who suffers from nausea, indigestion or other sensitive stomach conditions.

The Yummy Mummy Food Company range also includes products in our Family Wellness Range which make great healthy treats for the whole family!


Click here to read more about how the Yummy Mummy Food Company range has helped many other mums in their breastfeeding or pregnancy journeys.

Yummy Mummy Food Company Cookies are distributed Australia-wide by The Caring Kind who also welcome wholesale enquiries about our products. There's a very real need for these to be readily available in baby stores, health stores and through lactation consultants,  midwives and breastfeeding and pregnancy support services Australia-wide.

We're always happy to chat about any questions you might have, please feel free to get in touch now.

Kelly Northey
Yummy Mummy Food Company