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Iced Lactation Tea | The Perfect Summer Drink

Posted by Kelly Northey on

Now that we're well and truly into summer here in Australia, we all know how important keeping our fluids up is, but it's easy to fall into the trap of either not drinking enough or drinking unhealthy options. All too often too these seemingly health options are cleverly disguised to appear so, but can be full of sugar and other nasties.
If you're breastfeeding too, then there's even more need to keep your fluid uptake at an even higher level and we know how boring water can get when you have to drink so much of it!
However, did you know that infusing your water with a natural tea blend is a great way to change it up and keep it interesting? If you use our Lactation Tea it will not only taste beautiful, refreshing and soothing, but it can also help boost your milk supply too!

Lactation Tea for Breastfeeding Mums

Health Benefits of Iced Tea


A natural, unsweetened Ice Tea contains antioxidants which will help your body fight off disease as well as help slow down the aging process and even help towards healthier skin - who doesn't want all these benefits?

Caffeine Free

Choosing a natural, herbal tea like our Lactation Tea will give you a caffeine and guilt free drink you can enjoy safely while breastfeeding or drink at any time of day or night without it disturbing your body's sleep patterns or doing any of the damage to your overall health that caffeine can do.

Can Help You Lose Weight

A natural Iced Tea can even help you lose weight as it will have zero calories, but is a great way to still get that 'sweet hit' when you feel you need something instead of reaching for a chocolate bar!
Many people find too that replacing any sugary drinks you would usually drink with Iced Tea has helped them reduce their overall sugar daily sugar intake and help lose weight too.

Lactation Tea Ingredients

Added Benefits of Drinking Iced Lactation Tea

Milk boosting ingredients like Aniseed and Fennel and Marshmallow are the obvious benefit to drinking an Iced Lactation Tea this summer, but if you choose our Lactation Tea to brew your tea from, it also contains a whole host of other uniquely blended additions designed to help overall health of new mums and in fact anyone at all!

Rosehips give our Lactation Tea is soothing, nostalgic taste and also contain many health benefits available due to the presence of vitamin C, flavonoids, carotenoids, polyphenols, catechins and other phytochemicals present in these.

Red raspberry leaf is also included in our special tea blend because it's high in Vitamins C, E, A, B and has significant amounts of major minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. It also contains essential trace minerals such as zinc, iron, chromium and manganese.
Drinking red raspberry leaf in a tea form like this makes it readily absorbable and perfect for during preconception, the later parts of pregnancy and beyond.

Lemon Verbena also plays a significant role in our tea thanks to it's reputation for being a soothing, calming beverage which is also reputed to help hormone balance throughout the body.

The addition of other ingredients like Marigold Flower and Sunflower Seeds are included in our very special Lactation Tea blend for their anti-inflammatory benefits and how they can help overall immune health too.

How To Make Iced Lactation Tea

Iced Lactation TeaThe beautiful thing about this is it's simplicity!

Just add the usual amount of our Lactation Tea loose leaf tea to your teapot, tea infuser, brewpot or whatever you would usually make it in.

  • Add hot water and then chill in the fridge until cold.
  • Serve with ice and voila! You have Iced Lactation Tea on hand to sip throughout the day.

We find our tea is naturally sweet thanks to it's other fruity ingredients that it doesn't require any sweetening, but you can add a dash of honey for an extra sweet treat.
Or you can also add additional health boosting ingredients to it such as your daily Apple Cider Vinegar shots to help alkalize the body and this is an equally tasty way to drink this daily.

Your body will thank you and if you're breastfeeding, so will your baby!

(Photo courtesy of one of our lovely customers Teegan).

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