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Gingko Biloba: What Makes our Clever Cookies so Smart!

Posted by Kelly Northey on

The Totally Devoted  Clever Cookie is a healthy snack, great for your whole family's overall health and well-being, but what makes this cookie really ‘clever’ and unique, is the inclusion of Gingko Biloba, a prized herb that’s been utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine since ancient times as it's reputed to assist memory and increase your body’s circulation, allowing more blood to flow freely to your brain. More recently, Western studies have also backed this up by showing that Gingko may help improve people’s attention span and brain function.

Where does Gingko come from?

The Gingko Tree is one of the oldest tree specimens in the world which is why it’s often described by botanists as being a living fossil and it’s unique in that it only blooms at night and then sheds it’s flowers immediately.
The tree also has cultural significance to Chinese people as there are both male and female specimens which represent the sacred concept of Yin and Yang. 

Also, because the trees grow so very high and wide during their lifetime, which can span for several millennia, the Gingko Tree is a symbol of longevity and vitality. An amazing example of this occurred during World War II after the nuclear bomb blast in Hiroshima, a Gingko Tree was the only plant that survived and it’s still alive today!


With such amazing tenacity, is there a more perfect plant to include and represent our Clever Cookies as a healthy option for the whole family to help promote long term good health?!

What parts of the Gingko tree is used for culinary and medicinal purposes?

While it’s the seed (or fruit/nut) of the Gingko Tree that’s most commonly used in chinese medicine, the leaves AND the roots can also be used too. In our Clever Cookies it is a liquid extract made from the seed/nuts that we use in our recipes.

The Benefits of Gingko

Not only are Gingko Nuts reputed to help assist memory and brain function which is why we’ve included them in our Clever Cookie recipe, but Chinese people have for a long time, believed them to be beneficial to respiratory system conditions including asthma, bronchitis, and coughs. As it may also assist increase of blood flow to the brain, Gingko may also assist in relieving pain from headaches.
Some even believe that they are good for people suffering from an over-active bladder and children with bed-wetting problem and in Asian cultures they’re commonly used in everyday cooking in soup, broths, desserts or even in porridge because of their reputed benefits to overall health and wellbeing too!

We’d love to see our  Clever Cookies out there as a healthy ‘brain food’ snack, so THIS WEEK ONLY if you click here to purchase any 1 of our Feeding, Pregnancy or Family Wellness Range of Cookies, you’ll be able to add an additional box(s) of these amazing Clever Cookies to your cart and SAVE 30% OFF AUTOMATICALLY!!


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